Saturday, February 14, 2015

Lovebirds' Song, Mourner's Ring

Lovebirds' Song, Mourner's Ring
            (For Chester)
Today is the day when lovebirds sing
But all I hear is an empty ring
I am reminded of you, beloved benign
While lovebirds arrange their fingers intertwined

As their lips tug upwards in a gentle arch
My tune is denoted by a soft B mark
My fingers dance over your stuffed toy - fling!
But all I hear is an empty ring

My head still hears your affection signs
When I see your fur in the comb next to mine
Your purrs played the trumpet, guitar, piano, flute
But when you were gone: I became mute

I sit next to your bed where your silent breaths echo
But when I look at it now it just seems hollow
And when it rains I think to when we snuggled
Now its just cold with no warmth to stroke nor cuddle

Even if our music was mostly one sided
The tune you played makes me excited
Today we would've celebrated when you were born
But for most of today all I did was mourn

As others on Valentine's toast to their fates
I say vale and honour a brother, a mate
Today is the day when lovebirds sing
But all I hear is an empty ring


I still miss you, Cheseter... Love you :( You would've been 14 today

Wednesday, August 27, 2014



I walk to school, everyday
In hope of the fresh and new
To learn, from my teachers, my friends
Myself, to see (excitedly) mother Victoria
Once again, at my second home

As a Gentleman, I will always remember
In the way I speak with compassion
What it means to do the right thing
To achieve excellence and perfection
In myself, and everything I do
Assignments, extra practice, Saturday consultation
Polishing the cracks on my boots
Being dignified in all manner
Respecting authority, nobodys
And everyone in between
To have empathy, to care about more
Than just myself, for I am the definition, of altruism
Most importantly, honouring my word
To thine ownself be true, and it must follow, as the night the day
For as a Victorian, my word is the greatest promise
I have to offer to the ambassadors of humanity

As a Professional, I will never forget
In the way I insist we all practice one more time
What it truly means to give it my all
And to not be content with mediocrity
To lose my voice amongst and after
Chorusing voices of Victorians unite
(We showed our might)
Speech Day, National Day, Competitions
To have my throat ache after 8 rounds of debate
Being on First Aid Duty, any day, everyday
To treat everyone regardless of who he is
For I have Integrity in all that I do
And as a Victorian, my actions are the greatest gift
I have to bestow upon those around me

As a Sportsman, I will constantly be reminded
Through the ache in my bones everyday
What it means to believe in yourself
When the battle's lost, and won
With humility, and graciousness
To push myself forward through the darkness
When the only light is the one within (and on the desk)
That practice does make perfect
And Discipline is the purest form hard work
To push my team farther than before
For complacency is not a word I have learnt
Here, for everything is moving better, stronger
Along with me, for I strive to emerge from the
Game of life as a Champion
And for myself alone to achieve
And for Victoria thy triumph see, and victories we share yet
For as a Victorian, my resilience is the greatest fortitude
I have to change the world

As a Victorian, I know I will never get lost
Private or public, boss or worker
For I know, I will always have my GPS
To guide me, and the rules still apply
In whatever I do, for Nil Sine Labore is universal
Every challenge, is another opportunity
To prove to the world what a Victorian is
No longer exploring
No longer developing
No longer growing
But emerged, full of wisdom from mother
Teaching and preaching, as the embodiment of a Victorian
And forever learning, as time's not ours to waste
And we live, not the past, nor the future, but in the moment
For our moment is...

Because of you, we are something more
Thy sons are we.

Adam Ahmad Samdin
4K 2014

Sunday, September 29, 2013



Now driving along a lonely road
Deserted, with only shrubs
On the side
Flanking the emptiness

The wind blows, carrying your
Sorrows, catching the thoughts
Which had never seen the light
Nor heard the music

Accelerating, catching up to
The trails someone who used to know
Left behind, carelessly, who never
Looked back

Faster, losing control
The mind slips in, out, blank
Flashes of blue, red
Bang, crash, swerve, into a


Playing With Batteries

Playing With Batteries

Walking along the pathway
When the wayfaring light comes
The light shone, despairingly
Glazing upon his lips, turning corners

For a moment, it was his guide
His resolve anew, he knew where 
To head for, despite the unknown
The future brought a present

Happily in sync with the track he took,
It went as fast as it came. Fading, faintly glowing
Then, the light flew out of grasp, to another, newer, shiner lamp
He futilely, impossibly tried to catch it back

She disappears, quickly, leaving behind
Only confusion. Why, how? He never forgot
To re-fit those Double A batterieS, keeping it alive
But sometimes, the stale batteries just won't do


Thursday, September 12, 2013



The brittle bond breaks
As the fingers find their way
Grasping for something, something
Unseekable, untouched

With one poke, one jab
His confidence crumbles, corroded 
And captured, trapped in a place
Unknown, unventured

His fragile fingers tremble
He isn't scared; just very much afraid
For his future, the effects of
Caffine kicking in

Maliciously making him break
Falling to bits, at one poke, one jab
Because resistance is futile
For fragile followers


Friday, July 26, 2013



It begins as a drop
Wells in the mountains
High above, building up
Until the pressure cracks and breaks

It goes downwards
The river flows, flows
Flows, starting slowly, with a
Twin running parallel alongside it

They both flow under the bridge
Through its cracks, along its
Mould, then it trickles down
Past its red, rocky bumps

The river continues, accelerating
As time flows on, it passes the trunky
Trees, then finally the two rivers
Combine; and falls off the trembling body.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013



Running, I am running away from it
Away from the dark blue sky
Sprinting quickly from the darkness
Not wanting to get caught by the shadows

Running, I am running away from it
Hurdles, fast-paced footsteps
Being forced to jump high over them
And with every jump, the bar is always set higher

Running, I am running away from it
Tiring myself out before I decide to face it
When the will to go on is no longer present
Since there is no point in running the race anyway

Running, I am running away from it
Not wanting to face it again
After tripping, falling and almost
Not being able to get back up


""Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!"

-Lewis Carroll

Tuesday, May 14, 2013



A gift to myself, since nobody else is going to do it.

I sit here, figuring out
The solutions to the problems
On the pieces of paper on the desk
Staring back at me

My mind is blank, I question myself
Why am I even doing this
Its meaningless, the seemingly unknown
My interest, elsewhere

Not even sure of anything
I don't know, I don't know
What? Why? Where? How?
Questions which fill me 
I don't know the answers to

I don't know anymore, and I
Silently whisper to myself
Wondering how could I even forget
The celebration of my very existence
While others remember it so well

I question it. And everything else
Burning ablaze in my mind.